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About us

The restaurant

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With its superb stone fireplace and reproduction of Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus, the Cénacle gourmet restaurant promises an unforgettable culinary experience.

Hidden behind the ancient façades of the Ville Rose, the Le Cénacle restaurant at La Cour des Consuls Hôtel & Spa is a showcase where chef Hippolyte Peters Desteract prepares a daring blend of traditional and modern cuisine.

"Les sens en émoi, a gastronomic adventure based on excellence and creativity".

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The chef

Hippolyte Peters Desteract

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Trained at the Lycée Hôtelier in Dinard, the Institut Paul Bocuse and then the Maison Troisgros, he cut his teeth with Pierre Rigothier at Le Baudelaire and Le Divellec in Paris. In September 2023, Hippolyte prepared for and took part in the Bocuse d'or France final.

Chef Desteract takes over the reins of the prestigious Le Cénacle gourmet restaurant, bringing a bold culinary vision that combines tradition and modernity, in the spirit of sustainable cooking and respect for the best that nature has to offer. Each dish is an invitation to a unique gustatory voyage, where the Chef's creativity and expertise are revealed in every mouthful and perfect pairing.


& passion

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In the elegant and confidential setting of this restaurant, the chef takes you on a visual and olfactory journey, balancing traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. All your senses are invited to take part. The eye must take in the flavours before the taste buds.

The art of simplicity,

the pleasure of indulgence.

our menus

Our menus

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Menu upheaval in Toulouse

Only served at lunchtime

For lunch, enjoy a delicious meal in the company of 3 timesprepared by our chef Hippolyte Peters Desteract.

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Consul menu

Served lunch and dinner

Enjoy a delicate meal served in 4 strokescreated with passion by our chef Hippolyte Peters Desteract.

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Ambassador menu

Served lunch and dinner

In the heart of our setting, savour a sumptuous menu served in 7 time. Designed by our chef Hippolyte Peters Desteract, to make your meal memorable.

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The wines

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Excellence lies in attention to the thousand and one details, from the vine to the cellar, right through to the service of your wine.


Achieving the right match between food and wine, in the right glass, at the right temperature, reflecting the elegance of our dishes, sublimating the cuisine of our Chef and his brigade is an Art of Living. We cultivate it in our own way by selecting wines for you, but above all the people, the winemakers who reveal the grape varieties and terroirs throughout France, offering us a unique and timeless selection.


As Paul Claudel wrote: "The wines we choose create a triple communion: communion with the land from which it comes, communion with ourselves when we taste it and communion with others when we share it". Like you, he could have been part of our Cenacle!


the restaurant

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Tuesday to Friday: 12pm - 1.15pm

Saturday: 7.30pm - 9pm

Sunday / Monday: closed

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The team

From the Cenacle

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In photos

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of our customers

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The hotel

the Cour des Consuls

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Nestled in an 18th-century building, La Cour des Consuls Hôtel & Spa is a 5-star luxury hotel. It is a haven of peace behind a magnificent neo-classical pink brick façade. A member of the Mgallery Hotel Collection, it is a secret and exclusive destination in a cosy atmosphere.


Contact us


46 rue des Couteliers

31000 Toulouse - France

05 67 16 19 99


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12pm - 2pm / 7.30pm - 10pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 2pm / 7.30pm - 10pm

Thursday: 12pm - 2pm / 7.30pm - 10pm

Friday: 12pm - 2pm / 7.30pm - 10pm

Saturday: 7.30pm - 10pm

Sunday: Closed

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